Angela Adrar Bio - Climate Justice Alliance
Angela is the new Executive Director of the Our Power Campaign and Climate Justice Alliance. She has committed her life to advancing the role of the grassroots sector and provides agile leadership and structure to address and adapt to the changing and complex priorities of local communities while influencing national and international agendas.  She has served as a leading member of local to international organizations that include; La Via Campesina North America, US Food Sovereignty Alliance (USFSA), the Building Equity and Alignment for Impact Initiative (BEAI), US Friends of Movement of Dam Affected Peoples (MAB) and others.  She has introduced and advocated for internal frameworks that enable feedback loops for both national/International decision-making and local representation as well as, gender, and racial equity that embraces a diversity of contributions, while fostering trust and reciprocity for collective work. For the past 3 years, she has served as the Weaver Co-Chair of the steering committee body of the BEAI, where she coordinated the work of extraordinary leaders from the grassroots,and develop authentic relationships with Green groups as well as, Philanthropy successfully working on a strategy to eliminate barriers and shift 10 million to the grassroots.
Through her work on the Collective Leadership with La Via Campesina North America (LVC-NA) region as a representative of the Rural Coalition, she has collectively developed strategies that advocate for a stronger civil society voice on food sovereignty and in negotiations that represented the Global south in the North.  Working with LVC-NA members such as the Farmworkers Associaiton of Florida (FWAF), she helped to launched a campaign on People’s Agroecology in the US, as a Just Transition method of farming for farmworkers locked into the toxic industrial agricultural labor market.  This work initiated in 2013, has sparked t the development of regional agroecology encounters and formation processes around the Nation that include grassroots farmworker organizations as well as international partners, overlapping work with critical national coalitions and organizations in the food, agriculture and climate movement.She is growing the movement with her two young kids and partner, has a deep respect for Mother Earth and is an avid seedkeeper. She holds a Masters Degree of Organizational Management, a BA in International Relations from San Francisco State University, as well as, strong communications and social media expertise, she has consulted for 13 years with non-profit and government agencies providing strategy planning, financial forecasting and communications. While serving as the Programs and Communications Director of the Rural Coalitions for 3 years, she managed relations with a diverse board, staff and membership in remote locations bringing the power of the grassroots to Capitol Hill.  She has produced and authored a number of publications and spoken on panels in reference to the power the grassroots and international solidarity and has a passion for cultivating authentic and transparent connections that elevate the grassroots.

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