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Hurricane Florence Statement

In 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused massive damages and flooding in the eastern part of our state, displacing many families–our first self-described climate refugees–and further polluting the communities where toxic coal ash and hog waste overflowed their meager enclosures.

In 2017, Hurricanes Harvey and Maria devastated communities elsewhere, but we felt their pain and understood the injustice at the root of these vicious storms.

These are not natural disasters, they are the logical outcome of a society that believes some people and some places are expendable. They are the product of a broken political and economic system–an industrial growth society that has given rise to climate chaos and unspeakable suffering.

Now as we deal with the aftermath of another unprecedented storm–Hurricane Florence–shortly followed by Hurricane Michael, which affected North Carolina, Florida, and our overall region, we work feverishly to make sure that those who are always first and worst impacted are not forsaken, we make clear our demand: there must be an immediate Just Transition to a clean energy economy that can turn the tides of destruction and source thriving, equitable, earth-honoring, joyfully inclusive communities. Until we achieve that, the next unnatural storm will always be bearing down on us.
(updated 10/18/18)

Read our full analysis, “A Just Recovery is the Only Way Forward in North Carolina.”

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Support Just Recovery Efforts

We ask that you support a Just Recovery from Hurricane Florence by connecting to frontline organizations working in NC at the intersection of economic, racial and ecological justice. Go to to learn more.

About North Carolina Climate Justice Collective

The NC Climate Justice Collective uses popular education and cultural organizing to align our frontlines and address the root causes of climate change. We link local, regional and statewide efforts–and build across differences of identity and strategy–to grow our movement ecosystem and strengthen impacted communities.

“The floodwaters are receding, but the toxins they spread far and wide—coal ash, hog manure, chemical pesticides, Gen X—pose long-term threats to community health and safety. Our efforts are focusing on immediate cleanup and permanent solutions for eastern NC, so that low-income areas and communities of color do not continue to be treated as sacrifice zones.”

– Connie Leeper, Co-Convener, NC Climate Justice Collective

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