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The Climate Justice Alliance prioritizes membership to base-building frontline organizations (BFOs) and also accepts the application of alliances, networks, and movement support organizations. We recognize that it takes a village and ecosystem to curb climate change and there is no time to waste. Together we believe that we will win!

New membership applications are reviewed and approved on a bi-annual basis. If you have applied for membership and have not heard back, contact our Membership Engagement Coordinator Chloe Henson at

What is a base-building frontline organization?

Base-building frontline organizations (BFOs) are comprised of those currently most impacted by climate change. This includes environmental justice/climate justice groups, community groups that are accountable to a significant base, and have a formal or informal institutional framework.

Grassroots Organizing Sector has the following attributes:

  • Is made up of community based organizations, their networks and alliances.
  • Is rooted in, and accountable to communities of color and low income communities most directly impacted by the issues being addressed.
  • Builds local power and leadership to influence the decisions that affect their communities.
  • Is comprised of those working on environmental justice linked to broader struggles for positive social change and transformation.

Apply To Become A Member

Criteria for Applicants:

Agreement and alignment with the:

  • CJA Just Transition Principles
  • CJA Manifesto
  • CJA 4-Year Strategy
  • Jemez Principles for Democratic Organizing
  • Proven commitment to joint practice within and between organizations
  • Proven commitment to support grassroots leadership

Requirements of Member Organizations

  • Play an active role in the work of CJA through a standing and/or ad-hoc working group
  • Participate on full membership body calls held on a monthly basis
  • Reference and link the Climate Justice Alliance website on your organizational webpage and social media
  • Pay annual dues no later than the 1st of September annually.
  • Seek and build opportunities for the alliance to grow in influence and impact other groups.
  • Collectively advocate and open up opportunities to move resources to the grassroots organizing sector.

Process to Apply for Membership

Organizations fill out an online membership form, indicating that they meet the membership criteria, provide information about their organization, and indicate that a decision-making body of their organization has made an affirmative decision to join CJA.

The CJA membership committee will put forth recommendations to the CJA Executive Director and Steering Committee for review and approval on a quarterly basis and full membership will be informed of new members on leadership calls. New members will be fully ratified into CJA at our National Convenings. The Membership Committee will balance membership applications to ensure a sufficient majority of grassroots organizations in the membership of CJA.

Benefits of CJA Membership

1) Influence the alliance’s work to address root causes to climate change.

2) Build with a diverse set of allies across the country and internationally.

3) Engage in CJA national and regional programs (CJA gatherings, trainings, membership calls, etc.)

4) Are eligible for stipends and resources for CJA programs (in general, priority will be given to base-building frontline grassroots groups).

5) Amplify your local work nationally through CJA strategic communications, research, policy initiatives, and multi-sector relationships.

6) Participate and inform the working groups of the alliance.

7) Have the potential to become an Our Power Community.

8) Attend, participate and vote at CJA National Gatherings.

9) Have access to research and training tools on Just Transition and Climate Justice.

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