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What is Energy Democracy?

Energy Democracy represents a shift from the corporate, centralized fossil fuel economy to one that is governed by communities, is designed on the principle of no harm to the environment, supports local economies, and contributes to the health and well-being for all peoples. CJA is committed to the goal of maintaining global temperatures at a 1.5 Celsius increase above pre-industrial levels. At the same time, we are committed to the principles that protect workers, communities, the rights of nature, and the rights of future generations.

CJA’s Energy Democracy Working Group

The Energy Democracy working group (EnDem) plays a leading role in shaping CJA’s approach to the complex relationship between climate and energy. Since its formation, CJA and its member groups have broadened the discussion to incorporate racial, cultural and economic justice intersections with the energy sector.

Under the current administration, CJA’s Energy Democracy working group will continue to build on the work it has begun, expanding its Energy Democracy goals at the local, tribal, regional, and national levels. We need expedient solutions. We also need just solutions.

CJA Energy Platform

CJA’s Energy Democracy Platform serves as a guide and a unifying set of principles for the social movement’s transition from an extractive economy to one that is sustainable, regenerative, and rooted in social, economic and environmental justice. CJA’s vision of Energy Democracy aims to:

  • Shift the narrative of climate change solution efforts from a carbon-centric, carbon reductionist focus to one that is people and community-based, and rooted in principles of justice
  • Guide new solutions and anchor our collective efforts in the areas of planning, advocacy, organizing, and legislative action
  • Identifying key local and/or regional victories that prevent development of extractive energy infrastructure.
  • Promote a vision for an energy system that addresses climate change while challenging national and global inequality

Current Work

In 2020, CJA will continue our work in building the new through Energy Democracy projects at the local and state levels and wherever our members engage.

In 2018 and 2019, we held Carbon Pricing Workshops in various regions of the country. If you weren’t able to participate check out our Carbon Pricing Toolkit and the original report here. It will assist you in understanding the issue and organizing popular education trainings yourself.



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