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Reinvest in Our Power

Putting Capital to Work for People and Planet

What is Reinvest in Our Power?

The dominant financial system is organized to control capital in the hands of the very few. In order to build local, living, regenerative economies, we must divest from the extractive economy and reinvest in community projects that are democratically-controlled and that ecologically meet community needs. We are able to weave power and organize a large transfer of capital from extractive industries to Just Transition projects.

Reinvest in Our Power is a collaborative vehicle aligning groups, including CJA, to address inequity and democratize wealth by moving capital and governance from the extractive to regenerative economy.  By leveraging momentum and political power, RiOP, including CJA member groups, is moving money into The Financial Cooperative, a democratically-governed cooperative of local, non-extractive revolving loan funds that invest in projects owned/operated by frontline communities to build economic democracy rooted in ecological integrity.

Reinvest in Our Power Campaign Platform

CJA and RiOP recognizes that the climate and economic crises, are rooted in the ideology of extractivism, are fundamentally intertwined, and must be solved together

Our communities face three fundamental problems:

  • Capital is continually invested in extractivism, most obviously within fossil fuel industries.
  • The rules maintain the concentration of capital in the hands of a few.
  • Frontline communities are denied access to capital to make their labor productive in regenerative ways.

Therefore, we must move capital in a way that:

  • Shifts economic control to the people
  • Democratizes the workplace
  • Advances ecological restoration
  • Drives racial justice and social equity
  • Relocalizes most product & consumption
  • Retains and restores culture and tradition

The RiOP Process

Highlighted Work

Cooperation Richmond
CJA members building local non-extractive loan funds

CJA Just Transition Finance Training
Annual CJA Training to help members build community Just Transition economic infrastructure

Current Work

CJA is building a Just Transition Loan Fund & Incubator that will (1) provide technical support and non-extractive financing to self-sustaining local Just Transition projects; (2) support the development of democratically-run, non-extractive local loan funds; and (3) build the field through shared learning and shared research.

CJA also supports Reinvest in Our Power to develop campaigns to move divested money into non-extractive financing through The Financial Cooperative.

Our work includes:

  • The Loan Fund & Incubator project launch and begin support of Just Transition projects.
  • Assist in a collaborative RiOP campaign launch.
  • Host our second annual Just Transition Finance Training in Providence, RI.


Act on Reinvest in Our Power

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