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Centering Frontline Solutions

CJA’s policy work is guided by our more than 80 climate justice, frontline and supporting organizations engaged in local, state and national work on a wide range of issues from Racial Justice, Energy Democracy, Food Sovereignty, Zero Waste, the THRIVE Agenda, Just Recovery Work and more. Our 6 meta strategies guide our vision for a Just Transition to a Regenerative Economy.

When it comes to policy work, those closest to the problems have the most innovative solutions, and are the experts on the issues affecting their lives. We are changing the way governance works by building Our Power and pathways to solutions that work for frontline communities and workers, while pushing back against false solutions to climate change.

Fact Sheets, Model Policies & Other Resources

Use these tools to educate yourself and your community, and to advance your local, state, federal and tribal efforts toward a Regenerative Economy.

Principles for a Just Transition in Offshore Wind EnergyHow to Center Frontline Solutions
and Co-Governance for
Energy Affordability and Resiliency.

80 policy ideas, grouped into 14 planks

Key model policies to move power and resources to frontline communities.

Check out the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) Newsroom for media releases about the latest developments on climate justice related policies.

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