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Grounding in Just Transition

Popular Education for the Frontlines

The development of these trainings evolved from grounded work, deep discussions, and visionary thinking over many years of relationship building rooted in the environmental justice, social and economic justice movements.

These trainings employ the framework of popular education. Popular education is a technique designed to raise the consciousness of its participants and allow them to become more aware of how an individual’s personal experiences are connected to larger societal problems.

Grounding in Just Transition Toolkit

The three tools that make up the Grounding in Just Transition tool kit are: Being the Change, Building Our Movement of Movements and A Guide to Community-Driven Just Transition Planning. Each curriculum clearly outlines the time and materials needed to complete the training. There are handouts, graphics and other visuals that accompany the curriculum that are used in the activities.

Being the Change

The Being the Change tool was created with the goal to provide a strong foundation for communities building regenerative economies that are equitable and just, while centering race, class, and gender. The potential for realizing the Just Transition lies within our collective ability to co-design ways of being that honors our ancestral practices that uplifts social and ecological well-being.

Just Transition is not just a theory, it is an ongoing process that requires not only a deep analysis of existing oppressive structures, but real actions and community centered solutions to dismantle them while we embolden systems to serve us all.

Building Our Movement of Movements

This foundational training tool introduces the concept of Just Transition. It is the second of three trainings that make up the Grounding in Just Transition toolkit.

Given the historic times we find ourselves in, facing the crises of pandemics, economy, democracy, racism and climate change, we hope that this curriculum and framework will help strengthen your local efforts for systemic change.

A Guide to Community-DrivenJust Transition Planning

Top-down decision-making and city planning concentrates power in the hands of those who profit from exploitation and extraction. Just Transition Planning flips that script by putting the planning process in the hands of grassroots organizations and resident leaders rooted in frontline communities.

This tool is a guide for developing a local/regional Just Transition planning process that links community power, vision, and solutions to initiate a transition from exploitation and extraction to resilience and regeneration.

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