Yuki Kidokoro - Climate Justice Alliance

Yuki Kidokoro is CJA’s National Organizer for Reinvest in Our Power, supporting strategies to move money from the extractive economy and towards building local regenerative economies. After graduate studies in Urban Planning at UCLA, Yuki spent 15 years at Communities for a Better Environment as a Youth Organizer, Lead Organizer, and Southern California Program Director. At CBE, Yuki was active in successful grassroots campaigns to: stop two fossil fuel power plant projects in Southeast LA, prevent the expansion of the I-710 diesel truck corridor, and pass health protective policies at the city, regional and state levels. She also helped carry out CBE’s movement building work with the California EJ Alliance and with the Grassroots Global Justice Alliance at the state and national levels. Raised in Southern California, Yuki helped to create a 40+ unit affordable housing cooperative at the Los Angeles Eco-Village in Central Los Angeles where she is an active member. She is trained in conflict mediation and group facilitation, and enjoys biking, gardening, and board games.

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