Just Transition Finance Training - Climate Justice Alliance

Just Transition Finance Training

More than 45 CJA members from 17 different groups gathered in Detroit to discuss effective and sustainable ways of funding a Just Transition. During the gathering, members talked about how to build in this current political moment and how to decolonize the relationship between debt and money around topics including, for example, the value of intergenerational work in the building of new economies. We cooperate together for a regenerative economy, by envisioning and imagining a different way. Taking a look at generational money, history means people of color don’t have generational wealth. Owing money or being in debt is not an indicator of who you are as a person.

Are Just Transition and transformation the same thing? What does that mean? Everyone has some debt in some form. We need to educate ourselves on forms of money and use direct action organizing to create media strategy and campaigns. When your family is trying to find the cheapest item, how do you balance that with wanting to support living-wage jobs? We need campaigns to change the rules and make it possible.

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