Youth Spotlight: Aqelah Amani Amatullah Miyzaan - Climate Justice Alliance

“I think the most important thing for young people to know about environmental activism is why you’re doing it…It keeps you motivated and gives you a reason to not give up.” Meet Aqelah Amani Amatullah Miyzaan, a youth volunteer at EMEAC, East Michigan Environmental Action Council, in Detroit Michigan. We spoke to her about her youth activism and unique role being on the frontline environmental justice.

Like one of our other youths’, Nyheim Carter, Aqelah first got involved in youth activism through interacting with nature. “I originally started with agriculture and learning about the food industries. Then I learned about how the environment affected the food and us. Shortly after, opportunities came knocking, said Aqelah.

In 2019, an infamous incinerator in Detroit was shut down, no small feat for EMEAC and other environmental activists in the area.  “The proudest moment in getting the incinerator shut down for me was just knowing after so many trials and protests I was able to help my community and my family.” said Aqelah.

To hear more from youth activists around the globe, check out CJA’s Frontline Youth Video:


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