Olivia, Author at Climate Justice Alliance
An Open Invitation to Climate Philanthropy

An Open Invitation to Climate Philanthropy

                           Watercolor by Maisie Richards & Lokotah Sanborn, Creative Wildfire project. Dear Climate Funders,       We are living through a time of immense and escalating challenges. We are in a decade of crisis, collapse, and transition that holds...

Statement on UN IPCC Climate Report

Climate Justice Alliance Calls on White House, Congress, UN to Center Frontline Wisdom/Solutions & Reject False Techno Fixes Accelerating Climate Change We must keep fossil fuels in the ground; If we take anything away from Part 2 of the UN’s Intergovernmental...


 Without Centering and Supporting Black Organizing, Our Climate Justice Movement and Solidarity Efforts to Protect Frontline Communities Will Fail Feb. 21, 2022 – Formed almost ten years ago by grassroots groups and frontline members across the nation, Climate...
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