Climate Justice Alliance Calls on Biden, Congress to Demand a Ceasefire by Israel and Hamas; not Genocide with US Taxpayer Dollars - Climate Justice Alliance

Climate Justice Alliance has always stood against imperialism, colonization and oppression. This includes opposing all forms of violence, war and genocide. 

As environmental justice communities based in the United States, we call on Biden and the US Congress to support an immediate end to the violence by publicly demanding a ceasefire within the region. We stand firmly on the side of peace and support the Palestinian people’s right to self-determination, decolonization and life. 

We are clear about the harms of war, not only on people, but also on the environment. For generations, Palestinians have been living under a system of apartheid, breathing in toxic air and consuming food grown on soil contaminated by bombs and other tools of destruction. 

With this newest round of genocidal attacks by Israel on the civilian Palestinian population, that has forced thousands to flee and live without water, food and electricity which is continuously blockaded and shut off, the Israel government has defied international law; President Biden must oppose this.

We know that war breeds death, not democracy and will only further harm people and the planet for generations to come. US taxpayer dollars must not be used to support a policy of genocide. We stand in solidarity with all those fighting for justice and peace, especially those families who have lost loved ones in Israel and Palestine, and all those who continue to be under fire today.


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Artwork by Miranda Cohen

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