CJA Joins Over 500 Organizations to Call on Policymakers to Reject Carbon Capture and Storage - Climate Justice Alliance

Contact: Olivia Burlingame [email protected] 301-613-4767

Climate Justice Alliance joined more than 500 organizations throughout the United States and Canada to call on elected officials and those crafting policy to immediately stop pursuing the use of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies. They are unproven techno-fixes created by corporate interests that do nothing to reduce emissions at source and lead to more harm in frontline communities. 

Read the complete letter, including our key demands, which was published as full-page advertisements in The Washington Post and Ottawa’s Hill Times newspapers here.

False promises like CCS and CCUS will continue to increase as big business salivates over the money to be made in appearing to care about the climate crisis that they created. The push for CCS is just another example of corporate controlled mechanisms being promoted as solutions when they actually cause harm to communities and the planet. They have not been proven to do what needs to be done to address climate change–reduce emissions at source. 

If the fossil fuel and gas industries really want to atone for their sins they should immediately abandon this market-based scheme and fund truly renewable and regenerative community controlled approaches to a Just Transition, not ones that sacrifice frontline communities, yet again.

For more detailed information on CCS and CCUS read CJA’s fact sheet on the topic here. Information on other false promises masquerading as solutions to the climate crisis, can be found in our series of fact sheets on geoengineering: Hacking the Planet, Carbon Capture & Storage and Solar Radiation Management.


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