CJA Statement on ending DACA - Climate Justice Alliance

The Climate Justice Alliance is deeply disappointed in the President’s decision to end DACA and the consistent scapegoating of immigrants to push his agenda targeting racially diverse communities. Migration to the United States is a direct consequence of the refusal to accept the reality that we must move toward a non-extractive energy industry to diminish the effects of climate change in the future. We stand with our people and encourage everyone to speak out now. We call on the U.S. Congress to pass legislation NOW to protect our immigrant youth and families.

“As an immigrant from Colombia dedicated to fighting environmental injustice and had all my formal schooling in the U.S., I find today’s DACA announcement to be an immoral action and an abuse of power inflicted on the most vulnerable. CJA stands with the thousands of undocumented people who were brought to this country as young children and who will be contributing to the wealth of the U.S for generations to come,” CJA Executive Director Angela Adrar.

Many of our CJA members are working in their own communities to help those that are now in danger of being targeted by this vile decision to end DACA. Please help support their work. You will find links to their organizations below:

Community to Community (C2C)

Farm Worker Association of Florida (FWAF)

The Climate Justice Alliance including:

Communities for a Better Environment (CBE)

The Indigenous Environmental Network

Ironbound Community Corporation

Labor Network for Sustainability

Movement Generation


The Ruckus Society

Soil Generation

Southwest Workers Union

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