CJA Welcomes new staff member Senowa Mize-Fox - Climate Justice Alliance

Senowa Mize-Fox is joining the Climate Justice Alliance as an executive assistant and has a background in labor, racial, and climate justice organizing. She spent the last three years in Burlington, VT working with her labor union United Electrical Radio and Machine Workers of America helping to build strategies around just transition. Through this work she was connected with organizations such as the Vermont Workers’ Center, Migrant Justice, Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, and Black Lives Matter VT.

She believes that systems of oppression connect all of our movements, and that through intersectional organizing we can begin to put together the puzzle pieces of solutions that are going to get all of us free. Racial justice is connected to environmental justice, which is connected to labor justice, healthcare justice, and gender justice. The list goes on.

Growing up in Providence, RI, she has also spent extensive time in Vermont, Brazil and England studying traditional environmentalism via ecology, natural resources planning, environmental policy, and international sustainable development. She once had a dream of working for a development bank in underserved communities, building houses, digging wells and planting trees, before being organized at a friend’s housewarming party nearly four years ago.

Her main organizing interests lie in using storytelling as a tool to connect with people, communities, and organizations. She wants to know what connects people to their homes and open spaces, and how she can work with them to make those spaces truly livable in all aspects of their lives.

Senowa enjoys teaching people competitive swimming techniques, talking to her roommate’s cat, and making up dance moves on the fly.

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