Climate Community Pledge in Support of a Ceasefire - Climate Justice Alliance

As climate and environmental justice organizers, social justice advocates, scientists, conservationists, environmentalists, policy experts, and concerned individuals, we are clear about the harms of war, not only on people, but also on the environment. For generations, Palestinians have been living under a system of apartheid, breathing in toxic air and consuming food grown on soil contaminated by bombs and other tools of destruction.

With this newest round of genocidal attacks by Israel on the civilian Palestinian population, which has forced thousands to flee and live without water, food and electricity and resulted in a rising death toll by the thousands, the Israeli government has defied international law. President Biden must oppose this.

We know that war breeds death, not democracy, and will only further harm people, replicate new cycles of violence, and impact the planet for generations to come. U.S. taxpayer dollars must not be used to support a policy of genocide.

We pledge to stand in solidarity with all those fighting for justice and peace, especially those families who have lost loved ones in both Israel and Palestine, and all those who continue to be under fire today.

As signers of this pledge, we call on our members of Congress to immediately:

  • Support a ceasefire now and 
  • Stop sending aid to Israel, which is often used for the very bombs and weapons being unleashed, as a form of collective punishment, on the Palestinian population. 



Climate Justice Alliance


North American Climate, Conservation, and Environment 

Environmental Health Coalition

Oil & Gas Action Network

Indigenous Environmental Network

Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon

Urban Tilth

Micronesia Climate Change Alliance

Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN)

Little Manila Rising

Got Green

Institute for Policy Studies Climate Policy Program

People Organizing to Demand Environmental & Economic Rights

Alliance for Appalachia 

Sunrise DC

Sunrise Movement Orlando

Climate Generation

California Green New Deal Coalition

Extinction Rebellion 

Native Movement

PUSH Buffalo

Another Gulf is Possible Collaborative

Local Clean Energy Alliance

Zero Waste Jackson

Bronx Climate Justice North

Vote Climate

Movement Generation

Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles

Fund for Democratic Communities

Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Beverly-Vermont Community Land Trust

Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition

Just Transition Northwest Indiana

Bronx Climate Justice North

University of Southern California Environmental Student Assembly

Youth United for Climate Crisis Action

Center for Community Action and Environmental Justice

Equitable Resilience & Sustainability LLC

Reclaim Our Power Utility Justice Campaign

Movement Strategy Center

Asian American Writers’ Workshop Union

Muslims Going Green

Parable of the Sower Intentional Community Cooperative 

Thrive North Carolina

US Food Sovereignty Alliance

Cities Feed Cities

Safe Return Project

Midori Law Group, P.C. 

Nola Aikido

Creative Wildfire

People’s Response Network

Xun Biosphere Project

HOPE Collaborative

The Worm Farm Project

Solidarity 2020 and Beyond

North Bronx Racial Justice

Rise to Thrive

Triple Justice

Terra Advocati

Sustainable Holistic Healing Arts & Activations

Faithfully Sustainable

Udja Temple

The Centre for Land Affairs

Cascadia Stack

Swamped in the Glades

Aliya Healing

Sanctuary of the Heart

Advantage Plus Home Care

Community Housing & Empowerment Connections, Inc.

Middelburg Social and Environmental Justice Alliance

Queen Bee Books

Colorado May Day Club

Istidama Wattan Organization 

Mama Tortuga


Seeds of Resistance

Coco Canary Consulting

Terra Lumina Consulting

Higher Love International Consulting 

NH Consulting

Shoshin Insights

The Reve

EnerGaia Consulting

Youth Climate Strike Los Angeles

Portland Youth Climate Strike

Washco Rising Inc.

Public Accountability Initiative

Where the Metals Meet

1000 Grandmothers



Individuals (Affiliation Listed for Identification Purposes Only)

Natalie Sampson, Associate Professor, University of Michigan-Dearborn

Adam Wilkins, Guest Scientist, Institute of Biology, Humboldt University

Jerry Rivers, Environmental Scientist, North American Climate, Conservation, and Environment 

Yukyan Lam, Research Director & Senior Scientist, Tishman Center at The New School

Ana Isabel Baptista, Associate Professor, The New School 

Adrienne Perovich, Managing Director, Tishman Center at The New School

Ahalia Persaud, Assistant Director, The New School

Romy Opperman, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, The New School

Lily Forest, student, Lewis and Clark Law School

Tatiana Brown, graduate student, University of Washington

Umaya Suliman, student, American University

Briana Carbone, student, American University 

Akanksha Sinha, EcoFellow Research Associate, Georgetown University Earth Commons

Patricia Cortado, New School’s Tishman Environment & Design Center

Tina Shull, University of North Carolina-Charlotte, Director of Public History

Elleanor Pangilinan, Staff, Contra Costa College

Maria Stamas, EnerGaia Consulting, Founder & Energy Justice Attorney

Cristina Cabrera, Executive Director, Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group

Julian Nesbitt, Ecologist

Katie Hoeberling, Director of Policy Initiatives, Open Environmental Data Project

Jillian D, Strategist, Climate Equity Fund

Senowa Mize-Fox, Movement Engagement Manager for Climate Justice, National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

Kyle Heiskala, Policy Co-Director, Environmental Health Coalition

Calaix Alexander & Maritza Arango, Co-Executive Directors, OPAL Environmental Justice OR

Marina Sáenz, Communications Narrative Strategy Manager, OPAL Environmental Justice OR

Basav Sen, Climate Policy Director, Institute for Policy Studies Climate Policy Program

Morgan Towle, Neighbors for Clean Air

Sarah Faik, Sunrise Movement

Ruth Sawyer, Organizer, Sierra Club

Conor Mullen, Sierra Club Wyoming

Taylor Smith-Hams, US Senior Organizer, 

Melanie Smith, US Senior Communications Specialist,  

Kent Minault, Local Political Chair, Sierra Club-Knoxville, TN

Nick Davis-Iannacco, Multimedia Associate, Union of Concerned Scientists

Shaina Sadai, Climate Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists

Kiersten Hellegers, Executive Assistant, Union of Concerned Scientists

Sarah Burke, Team Coordinator, 350 Colorado

Bobbie Mooney, Beyond Oil & Gas Campaign Coordinator, 350 Colorado

Meredith Hankins, Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council

Leandre Mills, Program Operations Coordinator, National Wildlife Federation

Katie Schlegel, Event Planner, Earthjustice

Tyler Valdes, Energy Equity Manager, California Environmental Justice Alliance

Denise Glaze, Development Director, California Environmental Justice Alliance

Tom Goldtooth, Executive Director, Indigenous Environmental Network

Ahmina Maxey, Executive Director, Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition

Kareem Scales, Development Manager, Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition

Liz Jacob, Lawyer, Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition

Marian Rhys, Board Member, AORTA

Chlo Henson, Political Education Program Manager, Climate Justice Alliance

Isabel Avina, Senior Education Program Associate, Solar One

Susan Phillips, Executive Director, Climate Generation

Michelle Meyer, Associate Researcher, International Council on Clean Transportation

Em Whalen, Postdoctoral Researcher, Critical Ecology Lab

Patricia Kullberg, Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility

Nomi Green, New Mexico Earth Holders

Marya Grathwohl, Founder, Earth Hope

Vanessa Rodriguez, Worm Farm Project

Maya Canonizado, Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Isaac Resendiz, Urban Tilth

Laura Navarro, Urban Tilth

Cynthia Papermaster, Extinction Rebellion

Katherine Hughes-Fraitekh, Co-founder & Executive Director, Solidarity 2020 and Beyond

Anthony Jammal, Owner, Advantage Plus Home Care

Rebecca Wood, Combcutters

Martha Hawthorne, Service Employees International Union (SEIU) 1021, Co-Chair of the Climate Justice Committee

Glenn Kirkindall, Member, United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) local 555

Lauren Ballesteros-Watanabe, Member, Progressive Workers Union (PWU)

Jenna Cobb, Program Manager, Community Nature Connection

Rebecca Wood, Educator, Swamped in the Glades

Molly Hauck, Environmental Justice Ministry, Unitarian Universalist Congregation-Bethesda, MD

Susan Klein, Jewish Voice for Peace

Carolyn McCoy, Co-Clerk of Board, Earth Quaker Action Team

Eloise M. Cranke, Methodist Federation for Social Action

Kristin A Freeman, Recording Secretary, Faith and Climate Action Montana

Gertrude Nuttman, Sisters of Mercy-San Francisco, CA

Kadjahtou Balde, Founder, Faithfully Sustainable

Francesca de Oro, Micronesia Climate Change Alliance

Jordan Panuelo, Healing Coordinator, Micronesia Climate Change Alliance

Claire Wellin, Coordinating Committee, Showing Up For Racial Justice-NYC, 

Geraldo Martins Nunez, Pastor, Mennonite Church

Andrew T. Hodgdon, Central Valley Air Quality Coalition

Sue King, 1000 Grandmothers for Future Generations

Barry Riesch, Veterans for Peace

Jennifer Ramirez, Senior Researcher, Tishman Environment and Design Center – The New School

Jane Roschen, Analyst, CA Public Utilities Commission

Charlie McAteer, Front and Centered

Patrick Reinsborough, Patrick Reinsborough Consulting

Quinn Mulholland, Kentuckians for the Commonwealth

Jorge Estevez, Communications Manager, Green New Deal Network

Mari Rose Taruc, Energy Director, California Environmental Justice Alliance

Stephanie Valenzuela, Communications coordinator, Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment

Maricruz Ramirez, Community Organizer, Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment

Selah Goodson Bell, Energy Justice Campaigner, Center for Biological Diversity

Esther Goolsby, Program Co-Director, Communities for a Better Environment

Adele Watts, Community Organizer, Communities for a Better Environment

Christine Cordero, Co-Director, Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Marie Choi, Communications Director, Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Kellyn LaCour, Climate Ecologist, Taproot Earth

Ashley Haight, ZERO Coalition

Dana Viloria, Collective member & co-director, Movement Generation

Susan Phillips, Director, Robert Redford Conservancy

Paul Faulstich, Emeritus Professor, Pitzer College

Ramya Herman, Student, Pitzer College

Amber Mogg, Student, Pitzer College

Sophia Marie Powers, Student, Pitzer College

Margaret Reeves, Senior Scientist, Pesticide Action Network

Jenny O’Gorman, Board Member, Climate Psychology Alliance

Ryan Van Lenning, Director, Wild Nature Heart

Gregory Tewksbury, Professor of Educational Leadership, Brooklyn College

Morgan Wittelsberger, Organizer, Extinction Rebellion Baltimore

Jasmine Guevara, Development Manager, Green 2.0

Daniel Chu, Energy Planner, New York City Environmental Justice Alliance

Sean Ryan, Grants Manager, Climate Generation

Claire Cooke, Program Coordinator, Climate Generation

Liangyi Chang, Asia Managing Director,

Anna Tsomo, Climate Educator / Program Director, Sixth Street Community Center

Gopal Dayaneni, Faculty, San Francisco State University

Honu Nichols, Climate Change Education Specialist, Mālama Loko Ea Foundation

Catherine Garoupa, Executive Director, Central Valley Air Quality Coalition

TTriss Williams Renard, Economic Inclusion Manager, Emerald Cities Collaborative

Kathleen Malley-Morrison, Co-chair Climate Action and Nuclear Disarmament United (CANDU), Massachusetts Peace Action

Juliana Stoner, Extinction Rebellion Boston

Yahaira Zapanta-Rosales, Director of Operations and Culture, Grassroots Global Justice

Mimi Eisen, Program Manager, Zinn Education Project

Andrew Kaplowitz, Climate and Energy Justice Lead, Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice

Hannah Lindell-Smith, Zero Hour, 350 Seattle

Emma Ishida, Asian Community Development Corporation

Jovanna Nieto, Program Coordinator, Community Nature Connection

Jean Tepperman, Co-coordinator, Sunflower Alliance

Carlos Fernandez, Mentor, Safe Return Project

Lauren Church, Director of Development and Policy, Michigan Clinicians for Climate Action

Brianna Vig, Student, University of Connecticut

Karin Lehnigk, Postdoctoral Student, Georgia Tech

René LaPointe Jameson, Environmental Engineer

Sophie Chien, Student, Harvard Graduate School of Design

Caroline K Smith, Student, Harvard

Leila Riker, PItzer College

Shreya Agrawal, former editor of Annenberg Media Earth, University of Southern California

Sebastian Collins, Student, Claremont Colleges

Lonise Yazzie, Student, University of New Mexico

Sarah Doppler, Student, Merritt College 

Bella Isaacson, Student, Scripps College

Isabella Saldarriaga, GenCleo Youth Empowerment Movement

Amanda Dym, Jewish Voice for Peace 

Laura Plascencia, Organizer, Valley Improvement Projects

Charisse Serrano, Consultant, Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

Jason Pfeifle, Senior Climate Campaigner

Nancy Morales, Climate Justice Organizer, Urban Core Collective

Karen Reyes, Executive Director, Firebird Community Arts

Emma Johnson, Partner, Utah Youth Environmental Solutions

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