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Current legislative efforts to pass sweeping climate policy are dwindling. With rumors circulating that Biden is considering declaring a climate emergency, we call again on the President to immediately declare a climate emergency and invest in safe, clean, and local Just Transitions to wind, solar and other community developed renewables. 

Declaring a climate emergency under the National Emergencies Act would just be the first step and should be utilized now; it will unlock special powers to fast track renewable projects that will benefit us all, especially those most impacted by the climate crisis. Earlier this year, and together with 1,140 organizations, Climate Justice Alliance issued a letter calling on President Biden to do just that in addition to banning all new oil and gas contracts on federal areas while stopping the approval of fossil fuel projects. 

“President Biden has the ability to act now by declaring a climate emergency using his executive powers. This is a no-brainer if the White House really is serious about its commitment to frontline communities and the rest of the world who have been devastated by the irresponsible actions of the US in creating this crisis in the first place. We must resource those on the ground who are creating clean and scalable community controlled solutions to climate change; we must also replicate them at a rate never before seen.“ – Elizabeth Yeampierre, Executive Director of UPROSE & Co-Chair of CJA 

“Black, Indigenous, People of Color and low-income communities in Michigan are already facing the consequences of climate inaction from our elected leaders. We are experiencing record-breaking heat waves and flooding; our energy bills are skyrocketing; our families are made sick by emissions from dirty industrial facilities; our water is contaminated with lead; and our lakes are threatened by oil spills from Line 5. We need President Biden to take bold action now, and stand up to fossil fuel corporations that continue to undermine our democracy. President Biden must declare a National Climate Emergency to start a Just Transition to a renewable, pollution-free energy grid. Everyone, no matter their race or zip code, deserves to live on a planet where they can thrive!” – Juan Jhong-Chung, Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition

“President Biden must exhaust every option to address the climate crisis. Here in Florida, our communities are experiencing blistering heat, natural disasters, and irregular weather patterns leading to dangerous storms and wildfires. The impact of the climate crisis lands heaviest on the low-income frontline communities who contribute the least to climate change. Declaring a climate state of emergency is critical for now and our future.” -MacKenzie Marcelin, Climate Justice Manager, Florida Rising

“While declaring a climate emergency, President Biden should not sell out communities he promised to support in exchange for votes. He is fully aware of the disproportionate impacts of deadly air pollution, offshore oil drilling, and fossil fuel extraction on communities of color, Indigenous people, and workers. POTUS needs to stop doing the bidding of polluting corporations and start serving those first and most harmed by this emergency.” -Just Transition Alliance

“The world is literally on fire, and this country is a primary arsonist. As one of the biggest culprits behind the planet’s climate crises, if swift and decisive action is not taken by the United States, all of humanity may perish from our inaction.” – Jayeesha Dutta, Another Gulf Is Possible Collaborative

We stand firm on these demands. It is time for Biden to stand true to his commitments to our communities and build a truly safe, clean and just future for us all. Declaring a climate emergency is just the beginning.


Climate Emergency

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