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Washington, DC– In response to WA Governor Inslee’s just released Evergreen Economy Plan, the Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) and Washington-based CJA member group, Got Green released the following statements:


“Those most affected and disproportionately impacted by climate change overwhelmingly live and work in communities on the frontlines of climate-exacerbated disasters, industrial pollution and corporate loopholes. At the intersection of economic, social and racial injustice, our members work, create families and find ways to not simply survive, but thrive.

“That’s why our members, who represent the frontlines, continue to create and call for adequate solutions that address the speed and scale needed to tackle the multiple challenges they face in a way that is inclusive, intergenerational and effective.   

“We appreciate many aspects of Governor Inslee’s plan that aim to address the legacy of environmental racism and economic disenfranchisement, which for decades has resulted in health problems, inadequate housing and hazardous jobs for our communities.  However, we must urge him to go farther if the aim is to truly mitigate the effects of climate change and solve this crisis for good.

“Governor Inslee’s reference to workers and communities displaced through changes to the energy industry, along with a promise to build in just and fair standards for all workers, shows the kind of forward thinking the country needs to make the transition to a clean, renewable economy that leaves no one behind.  

“We believe the Inslee Campaign desires to implement real and effective climate solutions and invite his campaign to model the local and national efforts, led by members of the Climate Justice Alliance, rooted in equity and Just Transition, as a means to  effectively address the quintessential social, economic and public health threats that accompany climate change.”


“Governor Inslee’s net-zero approach to reducing carbon emissions does not completely hit the mark. We support reductions at the source of extraction, which are often located in Indigenous, Black, and Brown communities, along with manufacturing upgrades that reduce cumulative pollution and other carbon emissions. However, we are wary of the research and technology development designed to mitigate pollution if this includes carbon capture and storage techniques, which are both dangerous and unproven. The governor appears supportive of these methods, and this is something which we do not support using,” states Jill Mangaliman, Executive Director of Got Green, CJA member group.

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The Climate Justice Alliance is a growing member alliance of 67 urban and rural frontline communities, organizations and supporting networks in the climate justice movement. CJA is dedicated to building Just Transition away from extractive systems of production, consumption and political oppression, and towards resilient, regenerative and equitable economies.


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