Coronavirus Pandemic - Climate Justice Alliance

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While President Trump erroneously predicted that a “miracle” would sweep the Coronavirus virus away, and disregarded expert advice and scientific evidence (in the same way the Trump administration deals with the climate crisis and most other things), frontline groups started preparing for the brewing pandemic. Our movement had prepared us for this moment.  For centuries we have been building alternative economies, local resiliency, and mutual aid networks to deal with the interwoven crises of economic, racial, social, and climate injustice. CJA immediately provided mutual aid and support that put resources directly into the hands of those impacted. We supported member to member dialogue and support networks, developed a dashboard for information sharing, and hosted skills-shares and trainings. CJA also released a statement and helped to lead a huge coalition of progressive groups and lawmakers, to pressure Congress to ensure that relief efforts protect families, communities and workers.


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