Demand a People’s Bailout that protects workers while ensuring safe and sustainable energy - Climate Justice Alliance
As nurses and grocery clerks keep the country running, Congress is developing a coronavirus rescue bill. We need to make sure that this legislation rescues people, not profits.

Demand a People’ that protects workers while ensuring safe and sustainable energyPeople's BailoutClimate Justice Alliance is helping to lead a huge coalition of progressive groups and lawmakers, united behind five principles that protect families, communities and workers:

  1. Health is the top priority, for all people, with no exceptions.
  2. Economic relief must be provided directly to the people.
  3. Rescue workers and communities, not corporate executives.
  4. Make a down payment on a regenerative economy while preventing future crises.
  5. Protect our democratic process while protecting each other.

Contact your Member of Congress and demand they commit to the five principles for just COVID-19 relief and recovery.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are laying bare the sad state of the United States’ economic and social safety nets. Millions are losing their jobs, their ability to pay rent, pay bills, and buy groceries. And many Americans will risk working while sick because they don’t have paid leave or can’t afford health care anyway.

Frontline communities have been here before and we know how corporations and special interest groups use people’s suffering for profit.This is why we need a Just Transition away from extractive and polluting economies to economies that are governed and designed by local communities, and aim to protect workers while ensuring safe and sustainable energy.

This COVID19 recovery plan and any future relief packages must expand health protections for all and get millions of people back to work in good jobs.

Contact your member of Congress today. And then share The People’s Bailout with your community: friends, family, neighbors, co-workers.

This is a time when the power of care and community needs to shine bright. Together, we can prioritize health care, jobs, sustainability and democracy for all.

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