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Climate Justice Alliance was formed to create a center of gravity in the climate movement by uniting frontline communities and organizations. We support our locally rooted members to create Just Transition solutions based on their community’s needs. Together we are moving away from harmful, extractive systems towards resilient, regenerative economies

If you are thinking about making a donation to CJA, we ask that you also consider giving the same amount, or more, to at least one of our member organizations in your community. You can find all of them – and their donation pages – listed here.

Your gift to CJA will support our work with all of our members throughout the United States, Territories, and Indian Country.

Climate Justice alliance is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (EIN# 85-3440899) and donations are tax-deductible.

Become a Donor Leader

For all recurring donors and those who commit to giving at least $10,000 per year for three years, this is a space for individuals who are ready to challenge themselves, and each other, to show up for the frontlines of climate justice. Recurring donations and multi-year pledges provide our alliance with much needed financial security and gives us the opportunity to organize alongside our donors for a more robust movement that supports the frontlines in fighting the bad and building the new.

Whether it’s $1 per month or $100,000 per year for the next ten years, making a personally significant commitment to sustaining CJA’s work over time is an important way you can show up for the climate justice movement right now.

Click here to learn more.

Other Ways to Give

Donor Advised Funds

If you would like to give to CJA through a DAF, all you need to do is advise your fund administrator to direct a grant to Movement Strategy Center (EIN# 20-1037643) that is designated for Climate Justice Alliance. 

Keep in mind that DAFs don’t share your personal information unless you request them to. Please reach out to our Donor Relations Associate, Mark Chavez, at to let us know that a gift is coming our way and it’ll help a lot.

Invest in Regenerative Economies

We are working with our members through the Reinvest in Our Power campaign to create regenerative economic models that support, nourish, and build thriving communities well into the future. One of the ways is through our democratically-run, non-extractive Our Power Loan Fund and Incubator. This fund provides loans to Just Transition projects with mutually agreed upon terms, little-to-no collateral, and reasonable interest that is cycled back into the community, rather than into profits. We then work with recipients to propagate loan funds in their local community, building up community self-reliance.

There are two ways to support this work:

  • Gift Capital – Essentially investor lingo for a donation, or a contribution that you do no expect to be returned. These types of gifts are important to establish funding pools, support fund administration, and provides the ability to build in financial buffers in case recipients run into difficult times.
  • Investment Capital – Is exactly what it sounds like! This money is directed into projects and paid back over time to the investor with a small amount of interest – rates tend to be a little higher than CDs and bonds, but not like what you’d see from the stock market. This is a great way to put money you don’t currently need to use doing good, and shift from investing in individual futures to our collective future. 

If you’re interested in learning more and supporting this work, please get in touch with our Reinvest Project Director, Yuki Kidokoro, at

Stock Donations

Did you know that 501(c)3 organizations are able to accept gifts of stock directly from donors?

There are two distinct benefits to giving this way over a gift of cash:

  1. You can divest from the extractive economy while supporting work addressing the harm caused by it.
  2. By not paying a capital gains tax you’re able to show even more love to CJA!

It’s a fairly simple process where you transfer ownership of the stock to our brokerage firm, our broker sells the stock, then sends us a check for the value. To make it happen you’ll need some sensitive information like our brokerage information, DTC number, tax ID number, and account number. 

Our Donor Relations Associate, Mark Chavez, is available to provide this information and answer any other questions you might have:

Keep in mind that we don’t get any identifying information from our broker about who donated the stock. We know, it’s a pain. When you get in touch, please share as much information as you can like number of stock, estimated value, and/or when you’re planning to send it over. It’s a big help.

Cede Land and Money to BIPOC Stewardship

Indigenous, Black, Latinx, Asian, and other Communities of Color have perpetually had their land and labor stolen for hundreds of years. In a country where nearly all wealth has come from this extraction: Reparations of land and wealth is an important step towards climate justice.

The food sovereignty work of our members has shown that returning stewardship of land to these communities supports innovative solutions to many of the problems that we face. BIPOC-led community land trusts are another important method for advancing a Just Transition.

If you want to make financial or land reparations to this type of work, you can find a list of our members who are working on food sovereignty here and learn how to give to them directly on their websites. For additional information and resources, reach out to our Donor Relations Associate, Mark Chavez at

Support Worker-Owned Cooperatives

While many people might be familiar with their local grocery cooperative, the opportunities for what the cooperative business model can provide is endless: everything from medical, child, and pet care, to construction, dining, and the arts. They’re also structured in a way that empowers laborers while creating a feedback loop to cycle money back into a community, rather than letting corporate profits and shareholders extract it. 

Before you buy something online, head out to the store, or hire someone for a service, see if you can get what you’re looking for from a local cooperative. The United States Federation of Worker-Owned Cooperatives has a large directory of worker-owned cooperatives across the country. If you don’t find one on there, be sure to check around your local community. Also keep in mind that these businesses can also benefit from other forms of support like board leadership and donations.

Fundraising for Climate Justice Alliance

It’s great to hear that you want to support our work towards climate justice. Our members are the reason we are here as an alliance, and it’s their trans-local leadership creating the change we all need. If you’re really excited about putting on a fundraiser for climate justice, we recommend that you look into our member organizations near you, and offer to raise funds for them first.

If you’re an individual who would still like to fundraise for CJA: go for it! You should be able to find everything you need to share about our work and move the money you raise to CJA on this website, starting with our extensive resources page to our donation page. And please know, we love to hear about what you’re planning, but since our work is centered around our members, we aren’t able to provide additional help for external fundraisers at this time.

If you are representing a corporation that would like to fundraise for CJA or make a contribution, please contact our Donor Relations Associate, Mark Chavez, at mark@climatejusticealliance to learn about our corporate gift acceptance policy.

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