Mutual Support Solidarity Brigade - Climate Justice Alliance
Jackson, Mississippi – The Climate Justice Alliance Mutual Support Brigade worked with Freedom Farms Cooperative anchors on farm plots located on land managed by the Cooperation Jackson Community Land Trust. The he brigade focused on infrastructure development (tilling/amending the soil/best areas to plant based on landscape/and harvesting), and also learned about agro/afro-ecology and what that means for the region.

The goals of this Mutual Support Brigade were:
– Help establish / re-establish farmer, peasant and farmworker economies through mutual support and solidarity.
– Continue discussions and the “formación” process around the struggle for food sovereignty and agroecology with the input and perspectives of a frontline delegation and local participants.
– Create the necessary spaces of reflection to provoke a shared analysis within the context of on the ground experiences.
– Further the work of the CJA Food Sovereignty working group by building relationships and deepening analysis around Food Sovereignty and its relationship to Climate Justice and Just Transition

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