New Climate Justice Alliance Logo - Climate Justice Alliance

In celebration of the 10 years since our beginning as the Our Power Campaign at the first national Climate Justice Alliance gathering on Navajo Nation lands hosted by the Black Mesa Water Coalition, we are excited to reveal our new CJA logo.

“We needed something that represents us in each sunflower petal, ocean wave, and Sankofa feather – with visual cues that convey we are fierce, powerful, bold, and united. This logo is a symbolic representation of both our evolution with the changing climate and our firm groundedness in our roots and principles,” says Monica Atkins, Co-Executive Director of the Climate Justice Alliance.

This refreshed logo designed by MJ from the Design Action Collective, including a version that commemorates our 10 years of building Our Power by César Maxit, is the result of a months-long committee process to develop imagery that represents the grassroots power and communities at the center of social change, the deep Afro-Indigenous roots within climate justice leadership, and themes of joy, growth, hope, and resistance.

At the center of our logo remains the sunflower, a grassroots symbol of climate justice that has spread its seeds across the movement space, blooming in climate justice art by our comrades around the world.

“We opened the People’s Climate March in September 2014 with 400,000 people marching with sunflowers. Today, we are leaderful, matriarchal, and intergenerational. We started with the idea of becoming the center of gravity of the climate movement, and now we are.” said Elizabeth Yeampierre, CJA board member and executive director of UPROSE.

“When we began, we fought for the legitimacy of ‘climate justice,’ and now it’s so mainstream that we fight to keep it true to its roots. We pollinated and together, we are winning,” said Atkins.

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