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We at CJA, support the leadership and direction of our Black communities.  We are committed to the liberation of Black people as part of a regenerative present and future. As Trump’s inflammatory comments call for the “domination of terrorists, ” we demand Justice for Black Communities. Along with other frontline allies including; It Takes Roots, and People Action, we have been planning the release of an organizing tool “A People’s Orientation to a Regenerative Economy,” in which we explicitly call for the Protection, Repair, Investment, and Transformation of Black Communities as a plank to restore relationship and ecological balance. CJA continues on that trajectory explicitly supporting M4BL week of actions to #defundpolice and #defendblacklives.  As a founder of It Takes Roots, we are joining forces to support the week of actions for the Movement for Black Lives, The Rising Majority  and our other allies in this moment.

Message from the Co-Chairs of the Black Caucus to Our Communities

The CJA Black Caucus stands with all Black families and people who have lost loved ones at the hands of the state and systemic violence. We send our love, blessings and empathy to the family, friends and community of George Floyd and all those on the front lines right now fighting to be seen and heard. We say empathy with intention, for while sympathy is instantaneous, empathy is alive and rooted in an ability to see, feel and lend our concrete actions to all people who are suffering.

We stand in solidarity with people across the country who are mobilizing and taking to the streets, for we understand that these acts are not just a demonstration of grief, but also examples of living our individual and collective power. We see this as a time to intervene in the cycle of murder->protest -> repression -> oppression -> murder through organized and deliberate actions and demands to #defundpolice and #defendblacklife based on climate justice, land reclamation and food sovereignty and transform our reality. We want to offer mature leadership grounded in long term politics to guide and creatively build our collective future while supporting our youth and frontline communities who are face-to-face with state violence in the present.

We will use our Black Caucus Power Gathering on June 10th to outline demands and policies that will provide concrete solutions. We would also like to direct you to support allied organizations and platforms that we align with.

It Takes Roots Statement

Movement for Black Lives Week of Action

The Rising Majority Statement

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