Youth Spotlight: Nyheim Carter - Climate Justice Alliance
Last week, as part of CJA’s Youth Spotlight Interview series, we debuted our interview on our social media pages with Nyheim Carter (he/him). An intern at Ironbound Community Corporation (ICC) in New Jersey, a group that organizes around community needs, Nyheim teaches gardening and harvesting classes to fellow youth volunteers.

Speaking to Nyheim was truly a pleasure, getting the chance to soak in the joyful wisdom that he had to offer. We spoke bout his role as a youth in environmental justice movements and what it’s like being on the frontlines of climate change and here’s what he said!

Youth Spotlight with Nyheim Carter of Ironbound Community Corporation
Newark, New Jersey

How did you begin doing environmental justice work?

To help save my community because a lot of people in my community can’t come out to hearings and marches to speak out so i do it for them.

What do you think is the most important thing for young people to know about environmental activism and how they can get involved?

An important thing for young people to know about environmental (justice) activism is that most of the time you’re around lots of people who have been fighting for years, maybe decades; and their experiences you should want to learn about. Maybe it can spark an idea that you can use to help your community.

In the video Frontline Youth: Fighting for Climate Justice, you talk about how your organization, Ironbound Community Corporation (ICC), based in Newark, New Jersey, has programs where you teach kids how to garden and harvest crops. What’s it like to be young teaching a generation even younger than you?

it’s Amazing, because now i’m able to inspire these kids and show them to love and take care of their community. Plus, since I’m still young we can relate on some topics and I’m up to date on all the trends and stuff so I know what they like and I can incorporate that stuff so the kids can have fun gardening and harvesting.

To see more from our featured youth, check out our Frontline Youth Video here!




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