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Organización Boricuá, our partner on the ground in Puerto Rico to fund a Just Recovery for the people of the island.

We are excited to report that our first Climate Justice Alliance solidarity brigade of just transition leaders returned from Puerto Rico with many stories of hope. They met with agro-ecologists and members of the labor movement on the island who are making sure local communities in Puerto Rico take charge of their own recovery.

The CJA delegation visited Proyecto Rizoma and Puerta de Tierra, local urban farms members of Organización Boricuá.

Much of the donations are supporting a wide network of members of Organización Boricuá, our partner on the ground in Puerto Rico. They are working towards prioritizing equity and environmental justice, achieving food sovereignty, self-determination and many other just recovery efforts for the people of the island. That’s the kind of just recovery Our Power Puerto Rico is promoting.


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We ask that all our members and allies spread word of the launch of the National Call to Action and inspire their communities to come up with or take part in an action to make our demands resonate. Tag Our Power Campaign on all local activities using #JustRecovery #OurPowerPR on all platforms for Puerto Rico posts so we can repost them or share them and give your activity as much exposure as possible.

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Ricky Renuncia

CJA members were among an estimated half a million Puerto Ricans, who took to the streets, demanding the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rossello, and the alliance stood with them. Together, we are fighting for systemic change that will address the root causes of the...

#OurPowerPR Moving Toward A Just Recovery

At the beginning of the 2019 hurricane season, we released the Our Power Puerto Rico report, Moving Toward a Just Recovery: A Frontline Solution. In addition to firsthand accounts from the OurPowerPR International Solidarity Brigade to the islands of Puerto Rico...

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