Typhoon Mawar Hits Guam as Strongest Storm in 20 Years - Climate Justice Alliance
Typhoon Mawar rapidly intensified when approaching Guam into a high-end Category 4 Super Typhoon, with its winds increasing by 50 mph in 18 hours and minimum central air pressure plummeting.

Storms are increasingly undergoing such intensity jumps and the magnitude of intensification is on the increase, due in part to human-caused climate change.

CJA member group Micronesia Climate Change Alliance stepped up in a big way to coordinate Just Recovery edfforts in Guam after Typhoon Marwar.

In response to the escalating climate disasters that our member groups are experiencing, Climate Justice Alliance works with frontline groups on the ground to assess and rebuild with a collective vision for a Just Recovery.

We are tracking ways to support frontline communities on the ground in the regions impacted by these climate disasters. We are also working with local grassroots groups and networks to provide crucial resources and support to those in immediate need.
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